Lepoglava – place of remembrance

Kaznionica Lepoglava

LEPOGLAVA – PLACE OF REMEMBRANCE is an educational program for students and teachers in elementary and secondary schools as well as for all visitors of Lepoglava and Varaždin County. During World War II in City of Lepoglava was situated one of the worst concentration and death camps in so called Independent State of Croatia. The exact number of victims will never be known but it is assumed that there were killed between 1,000 and 2,500 victims. The victims were mostly civilians: Croats, Serbs, Jews, Slovenes, men, women and children. Many were tortured, beaten to death, starved, women were raped. The camp cemetery and several sites of torture are located near the city center. There is nearly nothing left of the camp because there is still a prison operating today and it is partially located in the historic Pauline monastery. Our plan is to develop program for all the students and visitors. We hope to attract students to visit Lepoglava and provide them and program appropriate to this memorial site. Students visit may fit in the field work of more than one school subject. We plan to connect with similar places in Europe and achieve scientific exchange.

Project co-ordinator: Milivoj Dretar, M.A.