I. regional seminar on Human Rights – „Holocaust education“

Organizing Committee:

Association for education and human rights promotion and Jewish Community Cakovec

in cooperation with the Council of history Teachers of Medjimurje County

I. regional seminar on Human Rights – “Holocaust education”


Friday, 25 May 2012

Movie premiere “Lea and Daria

(Open to all elementary and secondary schools – in cooperation with United States Embassy)
Venue: Centre for Culture Cakovec | Time: 10:00

Beginning of the working part of the seminar

Venue: Technology and Innovation Centre Međimurje, Čakovec |Time: 14:30

Schedule of lectures:

  • His Excellency Mr. Yosef Amrani Ambassador of the State of Israel to Croatia, “The Universal Message of the Holocaust Education”
  • Renata Ozorlić Dominić (Education and Teacher Training Agency), “Why should we teach about the Holocaust? – European perspectives and responsible citizenship”
  • Chava Baruch (Yad Vashem), “Why and how to teach about the Holocaust? – The Pedagogical Philoshophy of Yad Vashem”
  • Tvrtko Jakovina (Faculty of Philosophy Zagreb) “Wannsee Conference, seventy years later”
  • Ivo Goldstein (Faculty of Philosophy Zagreb) “What is N.D.H.?”
  • Željko Stefanoviać (Croatian Philatelic Society “Zrinski” Cakovec), “Human Rights told on stamps”

Opening Gala

The opening ceremony of the seminar with philatelic exhibition and exhibition of children’s stamp drawings on the subject of human rights Venue: Centre for Culture Čakovec | Time: 19:00

Note: around 20:30 presentation of the film „We Must remember” (in cooperation with the Zagreb Jewish Film Festival)

Saturday, 26 May 2012 Lectures

Venue: Technology and Innovation Centre Međimurje, Čakovec | Time: 9.00


9:00 – Željko Heimer (Croatian Heraldic & Vexillologic Association) “The history of the national symbols of the Jewish people and Israel and the impact of the Holocaust in their development”

9:30 – Loranda Miletić (Education and Teacher Training Agency), “Teaching about the Holocaust in Croatia and cooperation with international organizations”

10:00 – Franc Kuzmić (Provincial Museum of Murska Sobota, Slovenia), “Education on the Holocaust in Slovenia”

10:30 – Break

10:45 – Beata Lazar, “The Jews in Lendava”

11:15 – Melita Švob (CENDO Research and Documentation Centre), “The Jews in northwestern Croatia – past and present”

11:45 – Ljiljana Dobrovšak (Ivo Pilar Institute), “The Jews in Hrvatsko Zagorje”

12:30 – Lunch

13:30 – Vladimir Kalšan (Museum of Medjimurje Čakovec), “The contribution of Jews to the economic development of Medjimurje”

14:00 – Branimir Bunjac (Historical Society of Medjimurje County), ” From the ashes of Cakovec synagogue”

14:30 – Vladimir Kapun, “My Memories”

15:00 – Break

15:15 – Magdalena Lončarić, “The Jewish community in Varaždin”

15:45 – Dražen Ernečić (Museum of Koprivnica), “The Jews in Koprivnica”

16:15 – Milivoj Dretar (Elementary School “Petar Zrinski” Jalžabet), “Anti-Semitism and Holocaust in Ludbreg”

Note: During Saturday’s program parallel three workshops will be held for small groups of participants:

  • “The rhetoric of discrimination” organized by Croatian Education and Development Network for the Evolution of Communication under the leadership of Julia Mikić and Maja Nenadović
  • “The Age – appropriate approach of Holocaust” organized by Dr. Chava Baruch (Yad Vashem, Jerusalem)
  • “The approach to the Victim of Human rights Violation – Holocaust survival testimony” Uri Themal, Foreign Relations Committee, Kiryat Tivon, Israel

Cultural and artistic evening

Venue: Centre for Culture Čakovec | Time: 20:00 Note: Open to public

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Examples of good practice

Venue: Technology and Innovation Centre Čakovec |Time: 9:00 Schedule:

  • Miljenko Hajdarović (Elementary School “Petar Zrinski” Šenkovec) “The story of two boys”
  • Kristina Vinković (High School Čakovec) “Crocus project”
  • Lidija Vranar (Elementary School “Antun Nemčić Gostovinski” Koprivnica) “The Forgotten Austrian Emperor”
  • Mladen Tota (High School Prelog) “Soviet and American anti-Nazi propaganda in cartoons”

distribution of teacher training certificates promotion of the seminar proceedings

The commemoration for the Jewish victims of Medjimurje

Venue: City Cemetery Čakovec |Time: 11:00

Round table and meeting with survivors

Venue: Technology and Innovation Centre Čakovec | Time: 11:00
Note: around 13:00 Lunch