Knowledge against hate


KNOWLEDGE AGAINST HATE is the name of a school project for elementary and high students of all ages. The main meeting of  students and their mentors take place in early November to mark the International Day Against Fascism, anti-Semitism and Xenophobia in memory of Kristallnacht 1938. Students participate in lectures, workshops, film screenings, exhibitions on the subject of significant historical events, violations of civil rights, minority problems, hate and discrimination.

Logo of the project is Crocus flower that grows out of the barbed wire as a symbol of segregation, camps, separation, exile and death, and also this is the message of hope for a better tomorrow. Students participate in the Project, discuss with guests, represent researches of their own school projects. Project activists visit schools during the school year and encourage students to discuss the current problems of society and the related historical events. One of the goals is to encourage teachers and professors in the marking of significant events, organizing theme days and lectures on human rights with the purpose of raising awareness and to prepare students for active participation in future European Citizens’ Initiative. The intention is that every year in this Project are included more schools. The project has the strong support of the Varaždin County, National Education and Teacher Training Agency and Jewish Film Festival from Zagreb.

Project co-ordinator: Milivoj Dretar, M.A.