Dignitas is a Latin word referring not just to plain translation to dignity. Dignitas contains particular individual, factors such as personal reputation, moral standing, and ethical worth. Authors who had used dignitas extensively in their writings and oratories include Cicero, Julius Caesar, Tacitus, and Livy.

Dignitas – Excellence in Human Rights Education Award will be presented annually by Association for Education and Human Rights Promotion. First award for the year 2017 will be presented in January 2018. More details are to be expected during spring 2017 and call for proposals in autumn 2017.

Socialization and education for active citizenship are longterm processes. Engaging with stereotypes, nationalism, discrimination or hate speech are a difficult part of this process, and the ones most directly faced with these attitudes are teachers. I see teachers as the first line of defense, when something goes wrong in a student’s life and anti-social attitudes begin forming. As such, we need to reward those teachers who invest their energy, enthusiasm and who employ innovative pedagogical practices in civic and human rights education – because as our first line of defense, they need the recognition, our appreciation and acknowledgement of the essential role that they have in our schools, communities, and society overall.” – Maja Nenadović, Anne Frank House, Amsterdam